Legendary Ltd. Back story

Legendary Ltd. Back story

Legendary LTD Back Story 

At Legendary Ltd. we provide customers with quality, meaningful tattoo inspired apparel that speaks to them and caters to their individual style, gifting them with a unique article of clothing that was handmade by a member of our team.

We have devoted our lives to pursuing the sacred art of Tattoo, Screen Printing and Graphic Design. We seek to foster a connection with every customer that purchases a product from us just as we do with our Tattoo clients. Behind every Design, there is meaning. We hope that the customer (you) will express that meaning proudly. The themes of art related to tattooing are within themselves Legendary, they surpass time and remain with the collector for their lifetime. From Patriotic themed apparel to old school Traditional Americana designs We aim to persist—with both our big ideas, values, traditions and the art we bring to the world—be it on a t-shirt, or the ink on one’s body. 

Legendary LTD  began as a Custom tattoo shop in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Just that—the artistic designs that decorate our apparel used to be confined to the skin until we made Legendary Ltd. a reality. I began Legendary tattoos in the back of my family friends custom Sign shop, a beginning that I did not realize would shape my future goals concerning graphic design until later in life. I began to transfer tattoo inspired concepts onto clothing as a means of expressing my appreciation and commitment to the tattoo industry. Realizing the power of graphic Tattoo style designs on clothing was not unlike tattoos in their subtle yet effective means of fostering conversation amongst strangers—where did you get that tattoo? Where did you get that shirt? What is the meaning?

Unlike a tattoo, clothing is semi-permanent: it can be added, it can be removed. It is, however, a statement. Our pieces have been touched, like our artists, with influences such as American Traditional, Neotraditional Tattoo, Japanese Tattoo, illustrative Realism, Geometric Tattoos, Graphic art, and Anime. The vast expanse of inspirations have rendered our products indelibly unique. Unlike big retailers, these articles of clothing are designed with a tattoo in mind by veteran tattoo artists. You won’t find these custom designs anywhere else and they will only be offered for a limited time frame. Hence the Ltd. 

At Legendary ltd. we give our all into what we do; we are a fusion of creative minds. All of our artists and printing technicians currently live in the Tampa bay area on the west coast of Florida. They are all influenced by the Topical environment and atmosphere, which bleeds into some of our Tattoo inspired products—like our artists, they have an organic Floridian touch. 

I (Mitch Teckman) was inspired at a young age by my artistic mother, who exposed me to different mediums such as Wood burning, acrylic, oil, pastels, and clay. I then went on to draw comic book art with grade school friends that shared my appreciation for pen and ink drawing. Art has always provided an escape for me, a space that I explored as I grew up, first with pencil drawing and eventually with tattooing. I began tattooing in the summer of 2002. Each day brings a new artistic challenge, coupled with people’s life stories. For me,  tattooing is a therapeutic process, clients enter my shop seeking change provided by a tattoo: For some it may be closure and healing from the loss of a loved one, personal growth, and milestones in one’s life. It’s an honor to be a conduit by which those moments are permanently engraved on skin and now my artists and I are able to touch a broader market with creating Tattoo clothing for our fellow tattoo lovers. We invite you to join the artistic crew and become Legendary.

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