The Team Behind Legendary!

Meet Mitch

Mitch Tattooing at the Tampa Tattoo Convention

Kicking off our Meet the Team segment with nonother than the creator himself, Mitch Teckman!

After Graduating from Full Sail, an Audio Engineering School, Mitch realized that becoming a sound engineer was not for him. He enjoyed creating music and art, more than recording other people’s art. He was working a labor-intensive Job as a Home Theatre/ Audio Technician, while pursuing a local band and decided that tattooing could give him the flexibility and freedom to work by day and play music by night. For Mitch, it was all about freedom to work and create vs. working for the man.

Mitch started tattooing 20 years ago at Tat2 You in Palm Harbor, where he began the journey of a Tattoo Artist. Mitch would go on to start Legendary Tattoos in the summer of July 2009. The name was inspired by the Legend of Zelda and the mediaeval style logo of the sword and Shield.

Mitch loves Japanese inspired tattoo art, as well as nautical illustrative style. “You have to be versatile to stay busy, but I prefer doing large scale pieces that lead to full sleeves, or back/chest pieces.” - Mitch.

When Mitch isn’t busy at the Tattoo Shop, he enjoys working on his side project, Legendary Ltd, our Tattoo Inspired Clothing brand. “We are incorporating many different tattoo themes and collections into the brand, and I am having a blast creating new artwork for apparel.” – Mitch.

Outside of work, Mitch loves spending quality time with his wife and daughter, playing and learning songs on the guitar, golfing with family and friends, and studying books on entrepreneurship and small business. On the weekends (or weekday, depending how the day goes ;-) you can catch Mitch enjoying a chilled Anejo Tequila during the warmer months, and a good Scotch during the colder months.

Fun Fact - With his newfound love for anything spicy, Mitch is looking into creating a Legendary Hot Sauce to add to our line of goods. “Ever since I got covid 2 years ago, my tastebuds changed, and I love the Hottest sauces imaginable. I can withstand peppers, wasabi, and horse radish more than ever.” – Mitch.