The Team Behind Legendary!

Meet Kaylee

Kaylee from Legendary Tattoos Headshot

Kaylee has been a key member of the Legendary Tattoos family for the past 3 years.

Born on July 14th, Kaylee's journey into the world of tattooing was ignited by her mother. Fueled by her desire to see Kaylee thrive in her artistic passion, her mother took the pivotal step of purchasing her a tattoo machine. “My mom got me started in tattooing by buying me a machine and helping me get an apprenticeship after I wasn’t enjoying my first career” – Kaylee.

Kaylee has carved out a niche for herself as a talented tattoo artist specializing in black and gray realism. She also enjoys tattooing neo traditional pieces. “I am currently working on a full color, Star Wars sleeve” – Kaylee

Beyond the buzzing of the tattoo machine, Kaylee finds solace in the realms of fishing and reading.

As a multi-talented artist, Kaylee has also mastered the art of transforming faces through special effects makeup and face painting.  


Meet Ty

Ty repping Legendary LTD at the Legendary Screen Printing Shop

“Hi, my name is Ty – The Legendary Ninja.”

At Legendary, Ty has been an invaluable asset since September 2022. As part of the Legendary Screen-Printing Team, Ty's primary responsibility is to prepare designs for Direct-to-Film printing and create eye-catching design mockups. But it doesn't stop there – Ty also lends a hand in other areas like heat press/screen printing and embroidery, making Ty an essential player in ensuring the highest quality products.

When Ty isn't busy perfecting designs at Legendary, he unleashes his creativity in personal projects. “Personally, I’ve been working on a few character designs, and currently, I’ve been working on an updated Legendary LTD design, so look out for that.” - Ty

In his free time, Ty enjoys drawing and playing games. Family is also of utmost importance to Ty, and he makes sure to spend quality time hanging out and helping out whenever possible.

Fun Fact: “I have skated the whole Pinellas Trail before. It’s very nice, definitely recommend checking the trail out.” - Ty

Ty has a love for many different types of beverages from OJ, to Kiwi Ramune, to Hot Dragon Peral Tea, however a Frozen Thai Tea Boba is Ty’s go to refreshment.


Meet Tim

Tim Dalton Tattooing at Legendary Tattoos

“Hey what’s up! I’m Tim”

Tim Dalton, born on July 8th, has been with the Legendary Family for over a year and a half. He has an integral part at Legendary Screen Printing and is also a dedicated apprentice at Legendary Tattoos.

At the print shop, Tim plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and efficient operations. He oversees the production process, from printing shirts to ensuring they are promptly getting out the door to our valued customers. However, Tim's contributions go beyond production. He also handles administrative tasks, engaging with customers, managing orders, and organizing jobs.

Tim's journey into the art of tattooing is a captivating one. “I bought a machine during COVID because I wanted to get tattooed but couldn’t because everything was shut down. I started practicing on myself and brave friends and family and it grew from there.” – Tim

Within the realm of tattooing, Tim enjoys doing American traditional pieces. He has also been exploring the neo-traditional style as well, which allows for more intricate and contemporary interpretations. Additionally, Tim enjoys the occasional black and grey.

Tim has been keeping himself busy with side projects. “Professionally, I’ve been working on some new Legendary LTD designs. Personally, I’ve been getting back into drums and music.” - Tim

Fun Fact: Prior to his journey in the tattoo and t-shirt printing industry, Tim’s first career was as a paramedic.

When Tim isn’t working, you can catch him hitting the skatepark with his wife and dog, or enjoying a classic old-fashioned.

Tim and Wife MadisonTim and DogTim Skateboarding


Meet Melissa 

Meet Melissa Murphy, Shop Manager, and our skilled Piercer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Born on May 28th, Melissa has dedicated her career to creating stunning and unique piercings for her clients. Melissa joined the Legendary Team in 2017.  

“I enjoy styling ear piercings. I like when clients ask me what piercings I think would look good on their ears.” Melissa

Her journey into the world of piercing began unexpectedly when she found herself getting numerous piercings. Melissa's frequent visits to a tattoo studio, which coincidentally owned a neighboring clothing store where she often shopped, led her to forge a friendship with the owner's wife. When the studio's piercer decided to relocate, Melissa was offered an apprenticeship, setting her on a path she still loves today.

Beyond her piercing expertise, Melissa has also pursued various art projects. Currently, she has been channeling her creativity into making unique jewelry pieces, including stylized boot chains.

Melissa has been getting into traveling, and enjoys exploring new destinations, going on hiking adventures, and sightseeing. “I just went on my 1st cruise in April and loved it. Can't wait to do it again.” - Melissa

Fun Fact: Melissa loves to roller skate! “I've been roller skating on and off since I was little. The past 3 years I've been skating more often.”Melissa

Melissa’s drink of choice is tea. Hot or Cold… she’ll take it either way!


Meet Eric

Eric Tattooing Butterflies at Legendary Tattoos in Tarpon Springs

Eric Wasserman was born in Massachusetts and moved to the Tampa Bay area in early 2000. His artistic influences came from his Father who is an oil painter.

Eric started his career at our custom Apparel Printing Studio, Legendary Screen Printing and Embroidery. He has been creating Graphic Art and Custom T-shirt Designs over the years and he was led into tattooing by our Owner, Mitch.Eric Printing at Legendary Screen Printing in Tarpon Springs Florida

Eric’s favorite tattoo style is New School and Neotraditional. He enjoys tattooing Custom Anime, Lettering, and Black and Grey Tattoos.

Check out his most current work on Instagram


Meet Tina 

Tina Representing in Legendary LTD and Legendary Screen Printing

Tina Lecorchick, born October 1st, grew up in northern Ohio in the snow belt and happily traded in her snow shovel for the sunshine!

Tina joined the Legendary team on June 1st, 2021, and it was pure luck that brought her to this position. As a seasoned esthetician, she found her work slowing down in 2020 amid the pandemic. As it started picking up again, she realized the toll working with her hands for so long had taken on her. She was contemplating closing down but didn't know what she would do with all that free time. “During that week I went in for my Phoenix Tattoo with Mitch and as the saying goes ‘that's all she wrote!’” – Tina

As the Print Shop Office Manager, Tina brings her type-A personality to a building full of creative artists. Her job description may be boring on paper, but she never has a dull moment at Legendary. She loves working with different people and businesses. “I love being a part of creating something that represents them, that they are proud to wear!” – Tina

This is an exciting time in Tina's life! Her two children are graduating in May, one with Magnum Cum Laude honors from Florida State University and the other in the top 1% of her class at Alonso High School. She and her husband are also opening a taphouse in the Sponge Docks with some friends in May.

Tina's Family Picture

“It's definitely a change to be a customer of Legendary. I get to see both sides of the business.” – Tina

In her spare time, Tina enjoys kayaking, bike riding, and hitting the gym. She is also always volunteering at her children's school. And when she's feeling adventurous, she loves going skydiving!

Tina on a Skydiving Adventure

Tina's drink of choice… Coffee! So, if you are ever in the area drop by and give her a latte!  

“I would drink coffee in a boat!
I would drink coffee with a goat...
I would drink coffee in the rain.
I would drink coffee on a train.
I would drink coffee here and there.”
– Tina

Meet Bob 

Bob Braden Tattooing at Legendary Tattoos

Bob grew up in Palm Harbor, Fl. 

His tattoo artwork deals in very bold and bright colors as well as smooth black and gray realistic Tattoo art. The styles he studies range from realism tattoos, Japanese tattoos, floral tattoos to New School Tattooing. 

Bob’s artistic influences were sparked in high school by being involved in custom pinstriping and airbrushing. He pursued his love of the Hotrod tattoo culture and was involved in local car clubs based in the Tampa Bay area

While recovering from a terrible back injury, he went on to pursue tattooing in 2006. After Bob’s construction accident, he confesses that, “Tattooing saved my life”. Tattooing gave him an opportunity to pursue his love of art and allowing him to work in an industry that uses his natural talents to provide for his family. 

Bob is known to freehand many of his tattoos by drawing it on with a marker and creating a true custom tattoo. He is always painting tattoo style subject matter and looking to expand his style.

A true versatile artist, Bob can pretty much cover all styles of tattoo artwork. His passion for the Tattoo industry shows in his work and he is always ready for the next artistic challenge presented. 

Check out his most current work on Instagram!


Meet Mitch

Mitch Tattooing at the Tampa Tattoo Convention

Kicking off our Meet the Team segment with nonother than the creator himself, Mitch Teckman!

After Graduating from Full Sail, an Audio Engineering School, Mitch realized that becoming a sound engineer was not for him. He enjoyed creating music and art, more than recording other people’s art. He was working a labor-intensive Job as a Home Theatre/ Audio Technician, while pursuing a local band and decided that tattooing could give him the flexibility and freedom to work by day and play music by night. For Mitch, it was all about freedom to work and create vs. working for the man.

Mitch started tattooing 20 years ago at Tat2 You in Palm Harbor, where he began the journey of a Tattoo Artist. Mitch would go on to start Legendary Tattoos in the summer of July 2009. The name was inspired by the Legend of Zelda and the mediaeval style logo of the sword and Shield.

Mitch loves Japanese inspired tattoo art, as well as nautical illustrative style. “You have to be versatile to stay busy, but I prefer doing large scale pieces that lead to full sleeves, or back/chest pieces.” - Mitch.

When Mitch isn’t busy at the Tattoo Shop, he enjoys working on his side project, Legendary Ltd, our Tattoo Inspired Clothing brand. “We are incorporating many different tattoo themes and collections into the brand, and I am having a blast creating new artwork for apparel.” – Mitch.

Outside of work, Mitch loves spending quality time with his wife and daughter, playing and learning songs on the guitar, golfing with family and friends, and studying books on entrepreneurship and small business. On the weekends (or weekday, depending how the day goes ;-) you can catch Mitch enjoying a chilled Anejo Tequila during the warmer months, and a good Scotch during the colder months.

Fun Fact - With his newfound love for anything spicy, Mitch is looking into creating a Legendary Hot Sauce to add to our line of goods. “Ever since I got covid 2 years ago, my tastebuds changed, and I love the Hottest sauces imaginable. I can withstand peppers, wasabi, and horse radish more than ever.” – Mitch.